Why should you incorporate us into your company’s health plan?

Our telemedicine and health navigation service can reduce cost while providing quality, personalized health care.

Total Care Health can redirect unnecessary urgent care and ER utilization to more affordable and appropriate levels of care, which saves time and money. This could result in decreased absenteeism and sick days and thereby increase productivity.

Furthermore, your employees will appreciate the added benefit, and in today’s competitive workforce, every effort toward employee retention is an advantage to your business.

In addition to our telemedicine services, Total Care Health offers Biometric screenings, which in combination with our health risk assessment (HRA) and Risk Stratification component, can be used to improve the health of employees and the overall health of the company.

We partner with each company to see how we may integrate our services into the overall wellness initiative and improve the employee wellness experience.

As part of our commitment to overall wellness, we offer these services to all employees (and family members if appropriate), not just those who fall into the higher risk categories.

Using individualized Health Improvement Plans (see below), we strive to keep low-risk employees in the low-risk category, and ultimately move the higher and moderate-risk employees into a lower risk category, thereby improving employee health and saving both the company and employee in terms of reducing health care costs.

As a complement to our Biometrics, HRA and Risk Stratification, we offer a Health Improvement Plan (HIP) for each individual employee, highlighting those areas of health which will have the most positive impact on the employee.

Our strategy is employee-centered, physician directed, which we feel is unique to the industry. Our physicians will meet with participating employees and personally discuss the results of the HRA/Biometrics noted above, then in concert with the employee develop a roadmap to better health. This includes periodic monitoring and feedback.

Throughout the process, we strongly advise and encourage the employee to share this information with their Primary Care Provider. We also identify those health risk areas on a company-wide basis and work with companies to help target areas of their wellness program to improve those areas, which if ignored are often costly to the company in terms of increased health care expenditures.