A new kind of health benefit for consultants who value differentiation

The TCH Team Doctor benefit combines board-certified physicians with direct access technology to provide physician-led guidance at a moment’s notice.

What’s included?

Immediate Access to Quality Care

Your clients' employees won't have to navigate through confusing healthcare pathways. With TCH Team Doctors, they have 24/7 access to board-certified physicians right from their phones.

Expert Guidance

Our doctors aren't just qualified for virtual visits – they're also great at helping employees make smart healthcare decisions, removing unnecessary stress and cost.

No More Copays

Immediate medical consultations without the hassle of copays can significantly enhance employee satisfaction.

Diverse Medical Expertise

From allergies to internal medicine, our physicians cover a broad range of specialties, ensuring comprehensive care for employees.

What’s in it for my client?

Show employees they care in moments of need Retain talent

Reduce usage of expensive care venues Save money now

Identify pre-existing conditions and build a proactive plan Save money later

Offer instant access to quality guidance Reduce Absenteeism

What’s in it for you?

Differentiate against other consultants by bringing a unique benefit to market.

Strengthen your relationship by providing your clients with a healthcare solution
that works.

Help your clients uncover savings on their medical spend, and prevent premium

Ready to take the next step?

Interested in learning more about how the TCH Team Doctor Benefit can add a new dimension to your consulting services? Schedule a consultation with us to discuss how we can collaborate to enhance employee healthcare for your clients.